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Selmer Paris Artist, Benjamin Cousins is a contemporary clarinetist and composer hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana. His musical journey began at the age of 14 when he delved into the rich lineage of improvised music that New Orleans is historically known for producing. Beyond formal education, Cousins solidified his musical foundation by immersing himself in live performances alongside local musicians throughout the city.


Drawing inspiration from early clarinetists, Cousins developed his warm and woody tone through hours of listening and transcribing, with a particular admiration for Sidney Bechet. His formal education took him to NOCCA, the local performing arts school, where he discovered a passion for the compositions and musical vernacular of contemporary New Orleans clarinetist Alvin Batiste. This period, along with subsequent studies at Berklee College of Music and Temple University, marked pivotal stages in Cousins' development as both a composer and soloist.


Under the guidance of master teachers such as Edward “Kidd” Jordan, Evan Christopher, Gregory Agid, NEA Master/Jazz Messenger Donald Harrison Jr, George Garzone, Kenny Werner, and Tim Warfield, Cousins honed his craft, integrating their lessons as a constant navigator in his artistic process.


Rooted in storytelling, Benjamin Cousins' artistry aims to create sonic ecosystems that resonate with the human condition. His love for music, nurtured by the vibrant live music scene of his home, fuels his performances, showcasing his creative edge as a composer and dynamic energy as a soloist. Currently based in New Orleans, Cousins can be found captivating audiences with his band, “The Sonic Architects.”



About The Sonic Architects Project:


Motivated by the transformative powers of music, Cousins seeks to showcase a diverse palette of sonic spaces that reflect his own lived experiences; offering reminders of the past and visions of optimism for the future. “The Sonic Architects” represent Cousin’s inaugural project, presenting stories infused with a message - to forge new aural landscapes, serving as a vessel for listeners to dream, dance, heal, transcend. 


4/9/24 Benjamin Cousins joins the roster of Artists/ Ambassadors for Selmer Paris Clarinets. 

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